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Targett Landscaping works in partnership with ‘a landscape design company’ to provide planting plans and designs creating the garden of your dreams. Our soft landscaping services include:

  1. Ground clearance

  2. Lawns - turfed and seeded

  3. Hedge planting and trimming

  4. Tree work and stump removal

  5. Planting plans

  6. Shrub, tree and plant supply

  7. Weed and moss control

  8. Garden maintenance

Planting to create colour and drama

Turf or seed a beautiful lawn?

Design the garden of your dreams

Targett Landscaping do a lot of both! Bear in mind that ground preparation will be the same whether you turf or seed.

Laying turf means that your garden will look good straight away and you can sit on it after a week or so. It is however, almost always the more expensive option.

Sowing seed is much quicker but will take at least six weeks and several trims before the lawn takes shape and binds together. There are more likely to be occasional bare patches which need re-seeded.

The difference between creating a garden which is OK and one that really works as an outside space is all about ‘design’. If you want to start a garden from scratch, we offer a design service that helps you to develop ideas with the expert support and advice of a garden designer. Please ask us for details.

Targett Landscaping can sow or turf your lawn and maintain it to the highest standard.

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